Alina HassanJun 26, '21

The exotic Açaí berry comes from the realms of the Amazon Rainforest and has been doing rounds for its unprecedented health benefits. It is deep purple in color, round in shape and delightful in taste. Açaí that is organic and unsweetened tastes like a wondrous blend of wild berries and dark chocolate. Although only an inch in size, its benefits are expansive.

Where is the açai berry harvested?

The açaí berry grows in clusters on the açaí palm trees that are native to Central and South America. The trees get their nutrients from the Amazon River, thus unraveling the mystery behind the acai berry’s miraculous health benefits.

A wide range of frozen, scoopable and powdered açaí is available on the market today in the UAE. Sambazon Açaí and Amazonian Açaí are high quality options and make for excellent imports. These brands are fully equipped to discreetly harvest and immediately preserve the açaí berries. Choosing the right source is crucial because the açaí berry has a short shelf-life i.e., a day at max.

Let’s dive head first in exploring the most common questions asked about this Amazonian marvel.


Can açaí aid in weight loss?

The açai berry is rich in dietary fibres that improve digestion and metabolism, thus helping the body process food better and burn fat easily. The high fibre content suppresses hunger pangs and unnecessary cravings. Unsweetened açai like the AMAZONIA Organic Açaí Puree Smoothies can aid in weight loss while maintaining a low caloric intake. SAMBAZON Organic Peanut Butter & Chocolate Açaí Bites are apt snacks for those looking for healthy alternatives to junk.

Is açaí good for the immune system?

The world has become increasingly concerned about the immune system since the outbreak of the pandemic. One excellent source of an immune booster is the açaí berry. It contains antioxidants like polyphenols, vitamins C and E. These are known to boost immunity.  AMAZONIA Organic Açaí Energy Guarana Blend Smoothies will keep you invigorated all day long and rev up your immune system.

Is açaí good for the immune system?

One of the most valuable benefits of the açaí is its ability to improve cardiovascular function and promote heart health. The abundance of natural antioxidants lowers oxidative stress in the body. The superfruit also positively impacts blood lipid levels.

Is açaí good for skin?

The natives in the Amazon rainforest have been using the açaí berry for its anti-ageing properties since time immemorial. The antioxidant polyphenol and vitamin C are both excellent for skin health and may promote the healing and lightening of scars and signs of ageing. Açaí is also known to help boost collagen with its fatty acids. It is safe to say that your skin will thank you for adding a generous amount of a scoopable açaí puree to your breakfast bowl every day.  

The açaí berry in Dubai is gaining esteem because of its nutrient-dense properties. If you are new to the superfruit, you can try SAMBAZON Organic Açaí On-The-Go with Granola to give your taste-buds a kickstart!