For many of you, the start of the new year signals the start of a healthy lifestyle. Making dietary changes can help you reap huge health benefits. Should you embrace a vegan diet or a whole-plant based diet? To many, a vegan diet is often synonymous with a plant-based diet. However, the two aren’t the same. As you plan to embark on a new wellness journey, it is important to know the difference between the two diets. Let us break down the differences for you.

Veganism: A way of life

Does eating a vegetarian diet make you a vegan? Well, not. Veganism, unlike vegetarianism or a whole plant-based diet, is a conscious way of social coexistence. In simple words, they abstain from using animal products or their derivatives not just in their diet but also in other activities. The very focus of veganism is to avoid any kind of exploitation of animals. This could mean that not just vegans eat an animal-free diet, they also don’t use cosmetics that have ingredients derived from animals. They avoid using fur, wool, and silk when it comes to clothing. This doesn’t just end there. They also avoid household items that are animal-tested or contain animal-derived products. They also do not condone any form of animal exploitation whether it is in the form of zoos or puppy stores or horse racing. The choice of a vegan diet is based more on a conscious choice of embracing a lifestyle that focuses more on ethical, environmental and humanitarian reasons. Food is one of the many aspects of a vegan lifestyle.

Is a plant-based diet same as veganism?

Veganism and plant-based eating are growing popularity across the world. However, those who are new to them may find the two diets confusing. Well, the two have many similarities as well as differences. Both diets emphasise eating vegetables and fruits and not eating the products or byproducts of animals. Whole plant-based enthusiasts follow such a diet for the sake of good health whereas for vegans diet is just one of the many aspects of veganism. A whole plant-based diet is focused on eating whole fruits, vegetables, and grains and minimising the consumption of processed food items for health reasons. The very ethos of a whole plant-based diet is to avoid genetically modified plants and hormone-induced food. Plant-based enthusiasts would avoid eating animal or animal products, however, unlike the vegans they have no compunction in wearing or using animal products.


The healthy way forward
One of the best decisions you can take to improve your health is to move to a diet that is full of fresh vegetables and fruits. Whether you embrace a vegan diet or a whole-plant based diet, the two will help you maintain overall good health. Eating right and following a healthy diet is the best way to stay healthy. However, if you think moving to a plant-based diet is a daunting task, think again. A simple search online like an organic store near me will help you with all the ingredients and recipes.

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